Backup and Disaster Recovery

How dependent is your business on data? Could you survive if a disaster struck and it shut down your server for a day? What if a disaster took place in your building and it forced you out of your office for two weeks? How would your employees access company data and continue to work?

Was your data backup working? And if it wasn”t, would your business survive? Digerati Group”s Backup & Disaster Recovery solution solves this problem.

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93% of companies that lost access to their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year after the occurrence. 50% of those businesses filed for bankruptcy immediately, according to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington.

The BDR Process

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution, as well as an essential element for business continuity. At the start of the process, three copies of your data are created. The first one will be a local copy stored on our secure backup appliance. By having a local copy of your data, we can perform quick restores. For additional protection, the other two copies will be stored in different data centers.

How We Differ from Other BDR Solutions

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) will monitor all of your backups for successful completion. When a problem is detected, we repair it immediately. Unlike other data backup and recovery companies, this prevents us from finding out that your backups are failing when it is too late.

Additional Features and Highlights

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Provides a local warm spare server, an offsite virtual server for failover, as well as the replication data to 2 offsite data centers for redundancy, resulting in the ultimate disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Rapid Data Recovery

Local backup allows for the rapid restoration of all data – from block level to individual files – quickly, easily and affordably.

Cost Effective

Our affordable monthly rate includes: full management and support, as well as the restoration of data at no charge. There is no additional software to purchase or licenses to manage.

Block Level Backups

Fast backups reduce the overhead of internal network traffic to only 1%.

Regulatory and Industry Compliance

Secure data protection enables organizations in highly regulated industries – financial, legal, health care and others – to meet and exceed compliance requirements.

Bare-Metal Restore

Restore your server from scratch in the event of a hard disk failure to similar of dissimilar hardware.

24x7x365 Monitoring

24x7x365 management and monitoring of logs to confirm backup completion and data restorability.

Microsoft Exchange & SQL Support

Delivers application specific backup testing and corruption detection with the ability to restore individual email, SQL tables and SharePoint documents.

Comprehensive Warranty

Provides a full warranty for the repair or replacement of defective parts and hardware.

Compression & Deduplication

SSL encryption protects data transmission to offsite locations. Our data centers are protected by strict physical systems security measures.

Keeping You Moving Forward

Our BDR solution is specifically designed to give you peace of mind. We know that protecting your data is critical to the survival and growth of your business, which is why we don”t allow any room for error. That is another reason how our BDR differentiates itself from competitors: providing features, such as a local warm spare server, an offsite virtual server for failover, and bare-metal restore functionality.

In the event of an emergency, BDR provides a complete business solution by restoring access to your data rapidly, easily and affordably – regardless of the type of disaster. When a catastrophe strikes, your business needs to continue operations as quickly as possible or you may lose your business. It”s that simple.