Skype for Business

Email is equal parts pleasure and pain for IT administrators. Sure it’s useful, but it’s cumbersome for quick communication. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Skype for Business is the best tool for instant communication.

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Virtual Chat

Free Up Your Budget via Efficiency

Skype for Business users have the ability to chat, talk via voice integration, or discuss via video chat integration. Up to 250 of your users located in multiple locations can attend virtual meetings while users outside the organization can attend those meetings with access from web browsers. They don’t even need to be on Skype for Business! All they need is phone or internet connection.

Hosting Skype for Business with Digerati Group removes the capital costs for hardware and software, freeing up your IT budget, while making your staff as efficient as possible. Additionally, all conversations are protected via authentication and encryption, and you manage all your employee accounts and features.

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