Whether you have staff that needs to collaborate from multiple locations or simply need a platform to offload your document storage, hosted Microsoft SharePoint is the answer. Collaboration is made easy with a single site for employees to work on documents together. Additionally, with SharePoint you”ll get enhanced security via HTTPS and the ability to manage content centrally without the need to buy a single piece of hardware or software.

Best of all, you don”t need to spend a great deal of your time and IT budget getting all of these benefits. IT administrators can rely on Digerati Group to construct the platform and host it then allow you to manage it as you see fit. You get all the benefits without the hit to your capital expense IT budget, with full control to boot.

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Hosted SharePoint Offers These Key Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency anywhere, anytime
  • Easy & Effective Collaboration
  • Content Management & Control
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Enhanced Security
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Improved Internal Communication
  • Guaranteed Reliability
  • Customizable site templates
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Organize Your Team

In today”s information economy, companies realize more than ever that people are their most important asset. They understand that having a communication and collaboration solution that helps their team work more efficiently together is essential. Finding the right solution, however, can be a challenge.

SharePoint lets you improve productivity with collaborative tools. As your organization grows, the number of files you have will increase exponentially, and it can become difficult to keep track of all your documents. With SharePoint you can keep your files in a central location that can be accessed easily and quickly by team members, regardless of where they might be working from. It provides access control and revision control for documents. Teams and individuals are enabled to connect and collaborate together.

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Connect Knowledge and People

SharePoint is a solution that provides a single, integrated location that is always accessible via web browser, where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members to share documents, project plans, ideas, contacts, announcements, calendars, and much more. SharePoint can be deployed rapidly, while providing easy-to-use customizable site templates, designed to meet the needs and workflow of each team across the organization. It enables effective communication and collaboration, especially for project-based organizations, mobile workforces and multi-location offices.

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Manage Content Effectively and Safely

SharePoint is an effective tool for teams to stay on task with a variety of communication features, such as announcements, sophisticated alerts, surveys and discussion boards that let users know when actions are required or important changes are made. Documents can be easily authored and managed while maintaining the document”s integrity. Enhanced features include the option to require document check-out before editing, the ability to view past revisions, restore to previous versions, and set document-specific security controls.

SharePoint gives you the business benefits of a web-based collaboration tool combined with the availability and security of an enterprise solution.

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