Cloud Office

Keeping up with the latest Microsoft Office software, the file types and versions, and the convoluted licensing schemes is a pain most would rather avoid. Now you can simplify this dilemma with Digerati Group’s Cloud office service.

Microsoft Office, when offered as a cloud service, gives access to the latest software for a reasonable operating expense. You no longer have to perform painful migrations for each client machine, or keep track of license keys and software assurance agreements. It’s all done for you, yet you’ll be the one users thank. Move your office software into the cloud today.

Cloud Office
Business agility

Drive Business Agility and IT Efficiency

Are you getting ready to make a huge capital expenditure to replace outdated, end-of-life network equipment or software or maybe to expand or upgrade your network? Are you a startup company that needs to install a network but don’t want to tie-up cash flow or credit to purchase software or equipment?


Provision at the Pace of Business

If your staff is overwhelmed with current workloads, new IT projects may be put on hold. This can also place a hold on revenue opportunities when they are needed the most. Identifying which projects you can realistically tackle and which make sense to deploy through the cloud. Don’t think of cloud computing services as an all-or-nothing proposition. Think of them as a way to complement your in-house IT services when business-critical deployments can’t wait.

Key Benefits of Cloud Office:

  • Simplifiy IT Operations
  • Preserve Capital
  • Business Agility
  • Cut Costs
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Management
  • Disaster Protection
  • Smaller Business Compete Effectively
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
  • Secure & Available
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Simply stated, the Cloud refers to having your software applications and data, including your email, hosted on a server located somewhere other than your office. Leveraging cloud services not only reduces technology capital investments, but allows for rapid deployment of solutions and provides scalability to accommodate the needs of any size organization by paying only for the resources required. Additionally, Digerati Group manages and maintains the network, backup and storage infrastructure to maximize system performance and reliability.


Prepare for the Unpredictable

How do you estimate the capacity you’ll need to support increasing traffic and users? When you purchase a technology, you assume a lot of risk when you attempt to forecast the capacity that will be required: Over provisioning means expensive equipment sits idle, while under provisioning can mean performance issues or expensive upgrades. Cloud technology can help to manage spikes in user demand, and decrease the cost and burden of anticipating and building excess IT infrastructure by enabling on-demand scaling, less ongoing maintenance, and shorter deployment time.

With Digerati Group’s Cloud Services, there are no long-term commitments, and capacity can be changed as your business needs evolve.