Cloud Services

We’ve Got Our Heads in the Cloud

The cloud is any software or service provided over the internet, instead of locally on your computer. Digerati Group proudly offers a host of cloud-based technology services. As businesses and organizations incorporate a more mobile workforce along with reduced budgets, the cloud provides an excellent way to tackle both challenges.

Physical Security

Not to go all big brother on you, but 24/7/365 monitoring is the cool thing in the streets these days. Technology doesn’t have a bedtime, so our Tech Heroes don’t either. Video surveillance monitoring encourages compliance. And power, cooling, and environmental controls keep your equipment performing at full capacity.

Perimeter Security

Virtual villains are at an all time high, and they change constantly, which makes protecting your data trickier, and more important than ever. You are the unsuspecting tourists in potential danger. We are the digital Justice League, and we do it well. The point is, in addition to our Intrusion Detection System (IDS), we can build you a firewall which identifies threats and attacks to your network, and blocks them. Your data security is our first priority.

Host Security

Is your IT infrastructure validated? We’re constantly monitoring file integrity to catch a breach in progress. Additionally, our hardened OS images and patching makes for efficient repairs in your computer programs. We provide a hypervisor-based network firewall for each secure cloud server, advanced antivirus protection and malware protection.


Log Management

We totally understand your concerns for overall security, which is why we offer 12-month default log storage and customizable retention schedules. This feature helps you organize and deal with large volumes of computer-generated log messages which can be usable for maintenance and seeking out and destroying pesky bugs on websites.

Secure Remote Access

Not all business is done under one roof. We get that. Which is why we offer secure connections to your colleagues in multiple fixed locations. It extends your network so you can share resources, and works great for companies looking to expand across the country, or across the world. This service also offers extra secure access to remote locations through 2-factor authentication, reducing the opportunity for theft, phishing, or fraud.



Our Tech Heroes are obsessed about the security of your information. We use cryptographic keys digitally bound to your small data files to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and secure social media browsing. Think of it this way: If all your data is an army, these files would be generals, more likely to be targeted, thus needing extra protection.

Hosted Exchange

Email is an important function of any business. With our Hosted Exchange services, we can allow you to offload the hardware and software requirements to us, and enjoy constant connectivity from our data centers.

Virtual villains love to target your inbox, so as a courtesy we offer Spam blocking for FREE! Justice is served once again. You’re welcome.


Hosted SharePoint

Our Hosted SharePoint services offer you the benefit of onsite or remote access to your company’s intranet built on a single site to help your employees collaborate, and enjoy a little extra security via HTTPS. We will construct the platform and host it for you, and you can manage it as you see fit.

File sharing, content management, and seamless interdepartmental collaboration are part of the benefits of our Hosted SharePoint services. All the goods for less money.


Cloud Office

Office offered as a cloud saves you the trouble and time of migrating individual pieces of software to each machine in your office. Not to mention keeping up with licensing.

It’s all done for you. We got you.


Skype for Business

There are more ways to communicate within your business than strictly email. We know, shocker, right? But those long threads tend to get lost in hubbub of the week. Never fear. Skype for Business is a great solution for instant inter-office communications. Get on board!